28th meeting of the biocatalysis club in organic synthesis (CBSO) - Sare (Pyrénées-Atlantiques – Nouvelle-Aquitaine)



This 28th meeting of the Biocatalysis Club in Organic Synthesis (CBSO) will take place at Sare (Pyrénées-Atlantiques – Nouvelle-Aquitaine) from June 29 to July 02, 2021.

This meeting brings together every two years a hundred participants around the theme of the Biocatalysis and the white technologies. This meeting aims to create interdisciplinary promiscuity between chemists and biologists coming from academic and industrial laboratories knew in biochemistry, biology, fine chemistry and process engineering.

This 28th CBSO will be organized by Arkema and Protéus (By Seqens) and will allow to strengthening the interactions between the academic and industrial research and development. During this seminar, news technologies in the biocatalytic field will be exposed in association with news industrials developments. 




For registrations, you should log in on this website. Then, you will have an access to the register part for abstracts submission (either conferences or posters). In this part, registrations for the administrative part are availlables.

The organization committee requests the slides for oral communications (power-point) and the posters in ENGLISH.

The speech might be realized in French or English.




We will have the pleasure to welcome for this seminar, 5 guest speekers:

Jacky VANDEPUTTE (R&D Director - Pôle Industries & Agro-Ressources).

Antoine MARGEOT (Head of the department of Biotechnologies - IFP Energies Nouvelles).

- Eric EICHHORN (Senior Research Scientist Fragrances S&T and Process Biocatalysis- Givaudan).

Jean-Marc NICAUD (Research Director - INRAE French National Institute for Agricultural Research).

- Alain MARTY (Scientific Director - Carbios)




The members of the steering committee are the following:

- Laurence HECQUET (Professor - Université Clermont Auvergne).

- Juliette MARTIN (Global Director - Protéus).

- Jean-Christophe LEC (Head of the Enzymatic Catalysis lab - GRL Arkema).

- Véronique ALPHAND (Research Director - CNRS/Université Aix-Marseille).

- Pascal AUFFRAY (Project Manager Biocatalysis - Protéus).

- Georges FREMY (Scientific Advisor for Thiochemicals - GRL Arkema).

- Céline AYRINHAC (Manager Bioservices - Protéus).




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